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As Management and Employees, we give great importance to your comments and evaluations in order to serve better. Please fill and return the form.

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# What are your comments about the service? 1 2 3 4 5
1 Evaluate mass production price appropriateness.
2 Evaluate compliance with your order schedule.
3 Evaluate the entry quality performance of the products.
4 Evaluate the response time of our company to order changes.
5 Evaluate the protection status of products until they are registered.
6 Evaluate the product conformity certificate (Final check report) is sent on time.
7 Evaluate the dispatch capability in accordance with your packaging standards.
8 Evaluate the communication activity with Filkar A.Ş.
9 Evaluate the dispatch status of shipment documents on time.
10 Evaluate the adequacy of our company's order and supply chain management programs (such as shipment program approvals and electronic shipment-bill of lading arrangements).