Our Privacy Policy

  1. FILKAR shall not use the personal information of the users which they provide through the Website other than the purposes determined in accordance with the Privacy Policy and shall not disclose and/or share such information with any third party.
  2. Personal information includes any information related with the user directly or indirectly such as the name and surname, date of birth, residence address, cell phone number and land line number, e-mail address and etc. and this information will be hereinafter be referred to as "the Personal Information".
  3. FILKAR can use this personal information for profiling, statistical studies, advertising, promotion, marketing and other communication activities within itself and share this information only with the 3rd parties for conducting these activities.
  4. FILKAR accepts, acknowledges and undertakes to keep this personal information strictly confidential, assume this as a confidentiality liability and take and precuation and exercise due diligence for preventing all or any part of that information become public knowledge or unauthorized use or unauthorized disclosure to any third person. If, this confidential information is damaged or held by any third party due to attacks to the Website or the system although FILKAR takes any required information safety precaution, FILKAR shall not have any liability.
  5. FILKAR can obtain the user information and Website usage information of users by using a techical communication file (Cookies). However, if users desire, they can change their browser settings in order not to accept any technical communication file or get a warning when such file is sent.
  6. The users can update their Membership/Personal information and contact choises at anytime by logging into the system. You can also submit your requests on this issue by contacting us from our contact information provided in the Website. Your request will be put into application by evaluating as soon as possible.
  7. Each User shall be deemed to accept the provisions of this Privacy Policy by visiting this Website.