Filkar Inc. is specialized in designing and manufacturing pneumatic and hydraulic brake and suspension system components and parts for the expanding and renewing automotive and agricultural machinery sectors. In the meantime Filkar also provides service to equivalent sectors ofconstruction equipment  with the same approach.

Filkar Inc. was founded in 1984 in order to serve automotive industry. Since its foundation Filkar is taking responsility of being Tier 1 supplier to key industries in Turkey and Global Market as well as keeping the customer’s product quality perception and also structure of production facilities at satisfactory levels. Filkar carries out its planned technologic infrastructure and effective human resources investment with continious improvement and innovations in order to move next destinations.

Our mission defined within the perception of customer satisfaction results, receiving catena orders form the products produced and ensuring continious improvement in product and production and also demonstrates  effectiveness of our customer satisfaction management process. Filkar carries out this approach with ISO 10002 standard.

Filkar conducts long-winded projects with well established quality management system and rich product range on customer’s announced new projects to his organisation with quality function expansions. Filkar proves and certifies its work with  ISO 9001 quality management system and TS 16949 technical specification and carries on environmental management and occupational health and safety processes based on customer requirements and primary and secondary regulatory requirements with the same delicacy.

Filkar Inc. carries out its activities such as pressurised aluminium casting, machining and chipless manufacturing and assembly  lines in a teamwork with white-collar and blue-collar employees at Konya KOS zone TURKEY in an area of 8500 m² modern facility.