Using the Website and Legal Conditions


Hereby, anyone who visits, becomes a member or demands to take advantage from the servies provided by this Website (from hereinafter will be referred to as "the Website) consisting of the domain name as "" and the sub-domain names connected to this domain belong to FILKAR Otomativ Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. (from hereinafter will be referred to as "FILKAR") legally registered in 2. Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Kocadere Sokak No: 7 Selcuklu-Konya/TURKEY address completely and exactly accepts all provisions and conditions indicated in these "Usage Conditions and Legal Provisions".

Hereby, you accept all the provisions and conditions indicated in the "Usage Conditions and Legal Provisions" and acknowledge that you shall be bound to all guidelines, procedures and other principles, rules and instructions indicated on the Website and the alterations of FILKAR on these conditions, legal provisions, principles, rules and instructions from time to time and all other instructions on the Website (from hereinafter will be referred to as the "Process Rules" by becoming a member to FILKAR or demanding to take advantage and/or use any service provided by FILKAR or visiting and/or using this website in anyway. Furthermore, you will be deemed to declare that you accept the rules written in our Privacy Policy indicated in the 5th Article  as well as the aforementioned issues by completing your membership procedures.

FILKAR reserves its right to make any alteration on the Process Rules at any time. These alterations will become valid and binding beginning from the date they are published on the Website. The users are responsible for following such alterations. FILKAR is not liable to notify any alteration to you. You are deemed to accept these alterations by continuing to use FILKAR services.


1.1. FILKAR is a joint stock company which has been established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey and performs design and production mechanisms and parts of air and hydraulic brakes and air suspension systems for the automotive and agriculture industries. In addition to these, the firm provides services to the construction equipment sector as an equivalent sector through the same synoptic. In accordance with these purposes, FILKAR has established its Website in order to perform promotion and marketing of the goods produced and/or sold by FILKAR and put it into use.

1.2. The purpose of the Website is to ensure that the sectoral buyers obtain some basic information and knowledge on the goods and facilitate communication between FILKAR and the buyers.

2.Using the Service

2.1. The persons who have the conditions and fullfill the requisites indicated in the Process Rules can use the services provided in the Website. The ones who will use the website should also be competent, mature and clean for using their civil rights, they should not be restricted in anyway or they should be enterprises with corporate entity.

2.2. The users who visit the Website only for the purpose of a visit can only access the restricted information for free which is condidered appropriate by FILKAR to be open to public and changed by FILKAR at anytime. This information can be used by visitors of the Website provided that they follow the provisions related with intellectural property rights and only for information purposes.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

3.1. All contents on the Website including any photograph, description, definition, drawing, design, logo, figure, picture, text and etc. and the brand of FILKAR and any intellectual and industrial property rights related with all pages of the Website belong to FILKAR and FILKAR is licensed from their particular owners for using these rights in accordance with the applicable laws and these rights are protected by the national and international laws. Therefore; visiting the Website and/or using/taking advantage from the services provided by the Website does not give you any right related with the aforementioned intellectual property rights and these contents cannot be used, published, processed, duplicated, broadcasted, diffused, used by representation in anyway without advance written consent of FILKAR and no patent and/or industrial design and etc. applications can be made by using these contents, these contents cannot be published/disclosed to public by means of audible and/or visual instruments. Otherwise, FILKAR reserves its right to initiate any legal and criminal proceeding and make any claim.

3.2. You can notify your ideas and recommendations to us through our Website or e-mail. You accept in advance that FILKAR has the right to use your ideas and recommendations in anyway and you shall not have any right to make any claim for them.

4.The Responsibility Procedures and the Authorities of FILKAR

4.1. Without needing to make any advance notification or consent of anyone, FILKAR can modify, change and alter the purpose of use, format, procedures, specifications, structure, functions, contents and services provided by the Website and demand information from you, cancel the Website, suspend its operation and prevent you from using it. You cannot make any claim from FILKAR related with the aforementioned actions. FILKAR cannot be held liable for he problems arising from technical reasons and/or the actions and transactions of third parties or the force majeure circumstances.

4.2. If,while you are conducting a transaction, FILKAR considers that you violate the goodwill rules, laws or act contrary in a way to prevent proper operation of the system, it can intervene your transaction without needing any advance notification, stop such transcation and take any precaution to be considered necessary for such action.

4.3. If, you violate any of your liabilities arising from your transactions you conduct by means of the Website, you shall undertake and bear the whole responsibility related with such action and you shall also be liable to indemnity any loss and damage which FILKAR and any third party shall be exposed to due to such action. Despite the aforementioned indemnification, FILKAR reserves its right of recourse from you, if FILKAR is held liable from such circumstances.

4.4. FILKAR in no way accepts, acknowledges, undertakes and guarantees that it shall make any contract, agreement and/or sell products and/or send samples and/or provide other issues to the users of the Website. Putting the Website online does not mean any offer.

4.5. As well as the legal means of notification, FILKAR can send any notification, announcement and warning to you by means of the electronic communication channels (such as e-mail and etc.) you indicate in the Website during your membership. Notifications to be send by such means bear any consequence of a valid and application notification.

4.6. FILKAR does not guarantee that any information, drawing, image and figure included within the Contents is full, complete, current, appropriate for the related purpose and etc. The responsibility of using the Contents belongs to you.

4.12. It is strictly forbidden to establish a link to the Website, use any information or content published in the Webiste in any media or website, duplicate and/or broadcast/publish such information without the advance written consent of FILKAR.

4.13. If, any conflict arises between us due to your usage of the Website, the laws and regulations of the Republic of Turkey shall be applicable and the courts and execution offices of Konya shall be the exclusive competent authorities for resolving these disputes. The ledger, books, documentation and records of FILKAR shall be the exclusive and conclusive evidence in such conflicts. Hereby, you accept that the printouts related with the transactions in the electronic environment and the Website taken by FILKAR shall be valid and conclusive evidence for such conflicts.